Zeengami’s Manifesto

My name is Zach, and this is my website. I have a background in software development and programming, and it’s a dream of mine to become a full time Twitch streamer and Youtube content creator. It’s an unrealistic goal, and I’d like to take some time to lay out where I am at this point in my life and where I’d like to be.

Right now, I have no free time. I wake up and drive an 30-45 minutes to work, and work a full 8 hours before heading home. Traffic in Houston is pretty bad, and it takes me over an hour to drive home. After an hour for dinner and relaxing, I begin streaming around 9 PM and end streaming around 1 AM. After the stream’s over, I spend another two hours editing videos, and preparing for bed. Weekends at least I have a more flexible schedule and can spend time either streaming for longer hours, or just relaxing with friends.

I want to get better at video editing, and want to make a better intro and outro to my youtube videos. I want to spend more time interacting with my viewers and making them feel welcomed when they visit my Twitch stream. I want to start working on video reviews of games I play, possibly similar to TotalBiscuit’s “WTF is…” series of videos where they’re more of my opinions than a 1-5 review score. There are many things that I need to improve on, and time is the greatest issue for me right now preventing me from doing everything I want.

Thank you for visiting, whoever you are, and I hope you’ll be here for the ride as I improve the quality of my content. Hopefully, I’ll continue to be able to do what I enjoy while still maintaining my sanity with the small amount of free time and sleep I’m getting. The current average of 5 hours of sleep every weekday is not healthy, and even though my body is used to getting abused, I cannot keep up this schedule for years.

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